Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Por Que Jaysus Chronicles: Mouth Wash

Some times I have to ask Jaysus... WHY??? Then there is times that I have to ask Jaysus WTF?!?!?!
Today I am documenting the madness that I witness on the Holy Grail of hot mess, sewer activity, and occasional awesomeness New Jersey Transit local route bus... Alcoholism at its very best... a older man in his 50's drinking mouth wash. This was not the travel size mouth wash either... full on family dollar brand heaping bottle of green mouth wash that he casually placed to his mouth and performed what I call the tornado gulp...
Definition: Tornado Gulp: When a person drinks a bevrage out of a bottle at such a rapid pace the remaining liquid in said bottle spins in a to a tornado-like funnle. Best achived when holding the bottle between a 135 and 180 degree angle to your mouth.
Then he coyly placed the top back on to said bottle and slid the huge bottle into his jacket... Por Que Jaysus?
But on a lighter note... I am sure his drunken burps smell awesome...