Monday, December 14, 2009

Who are you lying for?

Everyday battles are lost everyday.

Everyday lies are fabricated everyday.
So who are you losing for? Who are you fighting for? Who are you lying for?
In a life of battles... and battle stories are we honestly fight the correct battles?
We fight to stay alive... proven with every breath we take.
We fight to remain conscious with every blink we make...
We are lied to everyday
Lies based on the lies of fathers of lands that never wanted us.
Lied to from the time we lay in the cradle
Lied to until we lay in the grave
Lies fabricating false security in a fight
I have created lies based on lies fed to me by life it's self
I am a liar
I have never lied for my self
Who am I lying for?
I fought for everything I have in my life
Now I am ready to stop fighting.
Let the battles fight them selves
Let the liars fulfill them selves
Let the lies I've told dissolve to dust
Am I surrendering?
Whats a surrender with nothing to surrender?
Whats a surrender when there is no one to surrender to?

Just rambling