Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thus You Need to Buy My Art

I am a pretty awesome artist... and I guess I'll be posting my work and allowing the public (YOU) to view and get yall to bust your wallets wide open for me... I work with various mediums... and I do anything from knitting to painting. Some of my best work are on recycled or reclaimed canvases... and dis I mention I make baby clothes galore??? When I have an established inventory I will be selling items on (which will be in a few weeks) And of course I will be posting random projects here... so if u see antying you may be interested in... snach it up before I put them up for sale... If you have any request... contact me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Shit

So I write, and I realize not often enough. So this right here is my new shit. I know for a fact that I am fairly ridiculous with a crude sense of humor (rude, crude, and morbid). I like to think no one is safe from my mockery not even Jesus (whom I refer to as Jaysus or Michale Jackson depending on the day and situation.) But I don feel I "mock" people or things so I guess I should say no one is safe from my cruel thoughts and random thinking... I guess I am done for the night