Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Ghetto Ain't a Place its a Mindset

So this is a lesson I learned many moons ago... but every now and then I get a chin check from life and get reminded...

People are ghetto... Places aren't
I lived in New Jersey for over 4 years. Its a wonderful place compared to the rat filled streets are Harlem. In New York schools are pretty CRAPPY and on top of that we don't have any pools. I come to New Jersey and every damn school has a pool. These dumb mothers out here are too young to raise their children and to ignorant to learn how to. Your kids schools have pools... thats says that there is money in they system to educate your child but these "parents" don't enforce the mindset of gaining knowledge... Instead the show their children the "get them before they get you" mentality... "Keep up or get left" is the life these dump mothers are living... so 3 pair of Jordan's later there is no food on the table. These people fight to get section 8 but don't fight to keep their children in the correct grade for their age.
The woman across the street from me has a daughter that is 10 years old in the 3rd grade. This same woman has 5 kids and they all share a bedroom with her. She lives in a 3 bedroom house along with her father mother niece nephew and some other random broad whom I am unsure her status in the family.... and NO one has a job.
Last night around 11 PM my next door neighbor's daughter got shot two times in the leg and it was in front of the house across the street... Then they to proceeded tell the cops to "fuck off" when they wanted to ask questions.
My next door neighbor and her kids are also unemployed ghetto ass gutta butts. So I am sure the girl whom got shot had that shit coming to her. Hot in the ass and another advocate for not raising your own children the girl who got shot been in the rear of police vehicles for violent shit and some non-violent shit. Her mother is half ass raising her daughter. And I am sure she did a shitty job raising the ingrates she call her children as well
I am just too done what people putting their minds in ghetto solitude... we really need to do better.