Saturday, June 04, 2011


I don't write much and I should. I have the time... I let my house fall to shit. I hoarded so much crap that didn't belong to me for no reason. I mean my ex-husbands crap, my ex-girlfriends crap, ex-friends crap, current friends crap, sisters crap, mother's crap... just a whole bunch of crap.... so I threw it all out. *Kanye shrugs* I am not a storage facility theses people have homes of their own and they storing their junk here... phew I threw all that crap to the curb easy. Now my house looks empty for the 1st time since I brought the joint...
I need a friend to drive around to yard sales and thrift stores to fill my home with crap I actually like... I want a second hand beautician chair with bright vinyl...
mmmmm possibilities

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black History Month: The Season of Giving & Receving

Well damn... I guess we all need to be on our knees in the name of Dr King.
~Thanks for setting us back another 50 years

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lowlights in Black History: OJ Simpson

Well I know I'mma get some mix responses about this one, but Orenthal James Simpson you have failed your race. Not only did you murder your white wife and her "friend" Ron Goldman and got acquitted, your dumb duck ass is sitting in jail now for a bunch of charges related to a robbery damn near 11 years later. You are a desperate individual whom could have been great. You are a shining example of the phrase "black people can't have shit". Millions in the bank and you were still so unhappy with your self that you beat your wife until she put you out your home, 5 years later you murder her.
I also fail all black people whom celebrated after his acquittal. You negros celebrated that this man got away with MURDER and tried to claim that your celebratory attitudes were due to "a black man you loved not going to jail" Do I need to point out that OJ was unemployed after his acquittal? He was so desperate for money he wrote a book about "if he did it". Our community basically turned our backs on him, we treated OJ so bad he did even get a chance to present an award at the BET awards or nothing! So where was our communal love for OJ then? Futher more if you spent your hard earned money on an OJ shirt back in 1995 please go find a bridge and think about your life, because I am pretty sure you have continued to make poor decisions to this date.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cry Baby

I honestly think I cry too much. Am I just an emotional person?? When I am angry I cry... When I am sad I cry... but for some reason I never had the "tears of happiness"... IDK maybe I am deeply broken or something. Like I am totally oblivious of the whole crying at weddings thing and often being near someone or even watching someone on TV crying tears of joy make me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to the point where I either remove myself away from the happy cryer, change the channel, or close my eyes. I think there must be something deeply wrong with me because I am sure that that isn't normal... but then again they haven't made a pill for "happy cry aversion" yet and I am far from normal.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

yeah so...

Life is pretty darn crappy, and pretty awesome at the same time. My pregnant ass sister and boy friend robbed me... as if I can afford to replace the crap. She, her baby, and her man can swallow multiple dicks and die. Then she stole my identity... Crack heads are just so technologically a head of the times now huh? That crack hoe took credit cards out in my name and goes to the hospital and use my name. I am so done with her.

Awesomeness... I got a car, she isn't road ready but I dont care, 1975 Mercury Grand Marquise wagon. and she is one sexy bitch.
My crack slut bag of a sister has returned to New York so I no longer fear having to shot my sister in the face for trespassing (something that I would have little to no remorse in doing, but will make my mom terribly sad) So that brighten up my universe a tad.
I feel like I have anger issues... and I am sure its true.
I need to be more creative I feel like I am slacking... and I am sure thats true

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I realized that I know quite a few douchey people... Many of which take them selves too seriously but in the same breath dose nothing serious. Meager accomplishments, lousy disposition, messiah complex, and attention seeking. Yeah total winners (HEAVY eye roll)

What else is new...
I got some awesome straw hats for a $1 each I brought 6... Zeus ate 2 I think they shall become awesome tonight.
took some pictures of some of my awesome jewelry
graduated marble necklace

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Gosh darn it! it's HOT!

I made dinner... mmmm chicken mashed potatoes & sweet peas...
t still freaking HOT.
That is all.