Monday, December 21, 2009

Artist Speaks: For My Mother

This is a portrait of Cecelia Zeigler... She is my mother... and I love her very much
I made this using water colors and masking fluid.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Monday, December 21, 2009

Por Que Jaysus Chronicles: Drunk 4 Year Olds in DRAG will ROB YOU

For your viewing pleasure I present to you 2 minutes and 10 seconds of total WHAT THE FUCK...

Is it me or is there something fishy going down in the burbs....
He is twisted off of some of the finest malt liquor... he sneaks into you houses... opens your gifts... puts on your dress... I am not sure if he is a revolutionary in the making or is in the pre-stages of becoming a pedophile... But he is 4 years old and clearly needs Jaysus...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Who are you lying for?

Everyday battles are lost everyday.

Everyday lies are fabricated everyday.
So who are you losing for? Who are you fighting for? Who are you lying for?
In a life of battles... and battle stories are we honestly fight the correct battles?
We fight to stay alive... proven with every breath we take.
We fight to remain conscious with every blink we make...
We are lied to everyday
Lies based on the lies of fathers of lands that never wanted us.
Lied to from the time we lay in the cradle
Lied to until we lay in the grave
Lies fabricating false security in a fight
I have created lies based on lies fed to me by life it's self
I am a liar
I have never lied for my self
Who am I lying for?
I fought for everything I have in my life
Now I am ready to stop fighting.
Let the battles fight them selves
Let the liars fulfill them selves
Let the lies I've told dissolve to dust
Am I surrendering?
Whats a surrender with nothing to surrender?
Whats a surrender when there is no one to surrender to?

Just rambling

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reoccurring "Dream"

My child self can't be saved. But most nights I dream about trying to save my child self.

I am running and screaming and losing my breath. Stumbling and shouting for my self to run away. But she just sits there on that stoop on Nagle avenue hands to her chin watching me. I always get to the court yard but I never get close. I run and I run and the court yard gets longer and longer.
I remember my innocents at that time, my eyes wide and bright. What hope I had, what dark secrets and pain I held.
I scream "run away Ashley run!" but all I do is sit there... in that tattered rose colored outfit and a pair of two small shoes... I know I cant save my self from the evils of my past, I know that screaming to my younger self will not keep me from the pain I endured and the abuse that I suffered through... but I keep doing it.
And thats my version of a good nights rest

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Por Que Jaysus Chronicles: Mouth Wash

Some times I have to ask Jaysus... WHY??? Then there is times that I have to ask Jaysus WTF?!?!?!
Today I am documenting the madness that I witness on the Holy Grail of hot mess, sewer activity, and occasional awesomeness New Jersey Transit local route bus... Alcoholism at its very best... a older man in his 50's drinking mouth wash. This was not the travel size mouth wash either... full on family dollar brand heaping bottle of green mouth wash that he casually placed to his mouth and performed what I call the tornado gulp...
Definition: Tornado Gulp: When a person drinks a bevrage out of a bottle at such a rapid pace the remaining liquid in said bottle spins in a to a tornado-like funnle. Best achived when holding the bottle between a 135 and 180 degree angle to your mouth.
Then he coyly placed the top back on to said bottle and slid the huge bottle into his jacket... Por Que Jaysus?
But on a lighter note... I am sure his drunken burps smell awesome...