Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hate to wait for and on a perpetual habitually tardy person. My girlfriend is one of those people. If you would have asked me last year "Mocka what people do you HATE?" I would have said "White racist and Late Nigros" I no longer can say I hate late nigros because the woman I dearly love is one! He on going denial of it is sicking. When we were first dating she would ask me to call her at 7 AM to "wake her up for work" so everyday 7 AM I would call her and everyday at 7 AM she will fall back to sleep for anothe 1/2 hour to hour and a half.... and she can't understand why she was always late? Lateness drives me bizzerk! I cant stand it... its like my people really believe that CP time is a real thing to live by.... no nigros... there is standard time (12 hour clock) and military time (24 hour clock)... CP time is a slur why live by it! Ok I am done ranting

Keep it tight people!


Anonymous said...

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