Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Self Discrimination

Today I do what I normally do and go to work. I been working for this company for a little longer than 3 years. I wear what I normally wear and I know that I am not dressed "normally" cause well I am not normal... (That's a whole different blog all together so I'm not even going to go there) As I enter the building I see the group of people who clean some of the offices in the building. I seen these guys before and hand a similar encounter with them before but tonight's encounter was one weird enough to write about.

It is a little before 11 PM cause I work the slave ship grave shift and I swipe my key card to get into the building and the guy says "hey!" I politely say hi and head to the elevator... He ask if you don't clean this building what exactly do you do... now a few months back he asked me if I clean the building and I told him no and went about my business; tonight, however I was in the business of entertaining fools so I decided to humor this man.

I asked "why do you want to know?" He laughs...
"I missed the joke" I retorted as I pressed the elevator button
"You are also missing your broom" He said
I turned to him and showed him the kindest smile I could bring to part my lips
"I know no sista would be working in here doing more than broom pushing and window cleaning... there is no reason for you to lie to me. So let me ask you a question sis... Where do you keep your supplies cause it would be easier for me to leave some of my cleaning stuff here too" He continued.
Now as bold as this man was and a hormone ripped I was... I turned to the elevator walked in and let the doors closed. I took six deep breaths.... One Two Three Four Five SIX... I didnt feel any better so I pressed the 1 button watched the elevator doors open and steped back out into the lobby and it was like my mouth opened and words flew out in the most nastiest form that I could ever fix my lips to make
and it went a little something like
"I work here you ingrate... you chose the life you live and not I. I did not give you your broom and you did not give me any of the books I had to read to get this fucking job. My fucking brown skin has nothing to with the pinkish color of my brain but it is more than obvious you blame your brown skin for the brown shit that pours out of your mouth. Now IF i had a broom here in this building I assure you sir that I would have retrived it to shove up your rectum. Now let ME ask you a question bro... Why do you blame YOUR race for you pipe dreams only accumlating to vacums and dirty mop water?"
I watched as his jaw hit the floor and I waled back into the elvator pressed 6 and looked him dead in the eye as the doors closed...

BTW I was wearing this outfit
Lime green peacoat
Pink hoody
ripped jeans
pink leggins
black Chucks


msfullroller said...

Go'head on Sista!!