Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you an idiot?

I feel like this is a question that many people should take up and ask them selves...
Before you start a random conversation with a random person whom you never in life conversed with you should take a Snickers or a Twix break and ask your self "self are you an idiot" If you don't get back to your self immediately chances are you a huge idiot and should refrain from conversing with individuals whom may or may not have more intellectual strength than you...
Now that I got that out of the way...

  • If you see me talking on the phone why do you feel the need to ask "are you on the phone"
  • If you ask me for a dollar everyday that you see me going to work and everyday I say no why would you think I would give you $5?
  • Assumptions are for Asses... (its in the word)
  • I know it may be amazing, new, and exciting... but people please for the love of our lord and savor Michale Jackson... stop asking me how tall I am... and stop acting in disbelife when I tell you I am 6'2.5 I been this height since I was like 12... yes I said 12 you nimrod I would know my height... Better yet stop freaking asking already... I get asked how tall I am everyday... but total strangers... everyday... everyday... everyday... can you spell REDUNDANT??
and on that note
No men you can not beat me in ball
No you may not take a picture of my legs
No you may not touch my legs
No I will not play on your shitty nameless team
No I will not dunk on you
No I can not dunk
Yes I am from an island
That island is named Manhattan
Manhattan is between Brooklyn and New Jersey
No I am not being a smart ass
Oh when you asked me what island I was from I chose the answer that suited the question best.
No I am not Jamaican
My mother was born on Manhattan island as well
No I am not from the "Tropics"
Yes I wear heels
No I will not strip at your club
Yes I can dance
Yes I walk with my head held high
Yes I sit up and stand straight

Well have you asked your self this question today?


Otherwise known as Gingivitis said...

I gotta say it. You know I gotta say it...................................................."How's the air up there?" :D

Mocka said...

The air is quite wonderful